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Continuing the amazing output of great indie-rock from Canada, Shapes and Sizes will release Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner on May 22 through Asthmatic Kitty Records. The Montreal-by-way-of-Vancouver (and quite photogenic, right?) band’s sound draws from a wide variety of indie rock sources to come up with something entirely their own on the new record. Elements of rock and folk intersect with wild experimentalism and jarring sound effects to create an enthralling listening experience. The new release follows closely behind last year’s self titled debut, also released by Asthmatic Kitty, and shows a band deeply more confident and adventurous.

“Alone/Alive” first showed up online a few weeks ago, and starts the album off with some un-mic’d acoustic strumming and 1980’s computer-geek sound manipulations, before the hyperactive electric guitar and drums burst down the door. Caila Thompson-Hannant sings her cryptic words with as disarming a voice as I‘ve heard in a while, slipping from high-pitched wails like someone’s pinching the backs of her arms to something much richer and sadder. The band seamlessly shifts through a slew of different sections, slowing and quieting before growing into cacophonous orchestras, the song ending with an absolute onslaught of screams, pummeled drums, and breaking strings. A discordant mess, beautiful and scary. “Head Movin’” comes straight from Asthmatic Kitty, and is similar in sound, but the lead vocal duties goes to guitarist Rory Seydel, whose efforts are strong, if not as distinctly memorable, as his bandmate’s.

MP3 :: Alone_Alive
MP3 :: Head Movin’
(from Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner)

Also check out Gorilla vs. Bear, who have another new track available called “The Taste In My Mouth” whose banjo and horns display the folk influence of the band. And when I say “folk” I mean “seriously warped folk”.

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