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I’m a big fan of Rejoicing In The Hands, the 2004 record that, along with Nino Rojo, shot Devendra Banhart to the fore-front of the unfortunately titled “freak-folk” movement. That album, with its unique shaky vocals, Latin-tinged fingerpicked guitars, and heartfelt lyrics was a slow-grower for me, eventually winding up as one of my favorites from that year. Compared to its predecessor, 2005’s Cripple Crow was an ambitious and sloppy letdown that lacked the same stream of consistently engaging songs.

This Fall will see the return of Banhart, and the early tracks out there from Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon are promising. Out 9/25 through Beggars, the album was recorded at home in Topanga, CA throughout the Spring of 2007, and was co-produced by Noah Georgeson and Devendra. This is the track that everyone is talking about so far - a long, slow building monolith of a jam that turns from homemade folk into full-on rock.

MP3 :: Seahorse
(from Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon)

Aaron Schroeder writes the kind of melodic power-pop that can’t help but put a twinkle in your eye. Just like The New Pornographers, The Shins, or The Long Winters, his new album, Black & Gold, is bursting with catchy hooks and exuberant sing-alongs, with some strong hints that Schroeder also digs the rural twang of Golden Smog and The Jayhawks.

MP3 :: What We Don’t Know
MP3 :: Fake Crimes
(from Black & Gold. Buy here)

Polynya is another group that is confidant with a melodic pop hook. Hailing from North Carolina, the group spent 4 years working on their self-titled debut, and the hard work has paid off. It’s full of sleek, new wavey gems - think an American Camera Obscura.

MP3 :: Without A Trace
MP3 :: Sweatshop
(from Polynya. Buy here)

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