Playin' Catch-up & Hittin' the Road...

I’m going to be out of town for the next few days and most likely will be unable to update during the week, so I thought today would be a good time to clean house, so to speak. Being that I’m just 1 person running this here mp3 hub, I don’t get to post about every single new song that I like, or that I’d like to. That said, here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve come across over the past few months (all nestled into the ever-expanding “2007” playlist in my iTunes library) that are deserving of a better fate than to be forgotten, at least by this blog. Dig in:

MP3 :: My Sword Hand’s Anger - Apostle of Hustle
MP3 :: Will You Return? - The Avett Brothers
MP3 :: Atlas - Battles
MP3 :: Wild Mountain Nation - Blitzen Trapper
MP3 :: These Days Nothing But Sunshine - The Clientele
MP3 :: Run The Numbers - EL-P
MP3 :: While You Were Sleeping - Elvis Perkins
MP3 :: The Little Heart Beats So Fast - The Field
MP3 :: Grip Like A Vice - The Go! Team
MP3 :: Hallelujah the Hills - Hallelujah The Hills
MP3 :: Punching Goodbye Out Front - Kinski
MP3 :: Plaster Casts Of Everything - Liars
MP3 :: One Kiss Don’t Make A Summer - Lucky Soul
MP3 :: Cloudy People - Magic Weapon
MP3 :: I Am Not Long For This World - McCarthy Trenching
MP3 :: Stitch Me Up - Minus Story
MP3 :: I Saw The Bright Shinies - The Octopus Project
MP3 :: It’s The Beat - Simian Mobile Disco
MP3 :: Half Awake (Deb) - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
MP3 :: Now Now - St. Vincent
MP3 :: Standing There - United Steel Workers Of Montreal
MP3 :: We Face Each Other - Victor Berman (Hefty Records)

Trying to remember or figure out where each of these tracks came from would be impossible, but I discovered most through the great blogs listed in the “Music To My Ears” section over there at stage left (your right ------>). Gorilla vs. Bear is one of my favorites for interesting new music in genres I’m not usually prone to, as is Oceans Never Listen. More than a handful of these songs were probably originally posted on one of those 2 blogs. See you in a few days…..

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