Who Is Radiohead?

I obviously wasn’t going to post about Radiohead today, but it seems as though it’s kind of a mandated thing in light of the BIG announcement from earlier today. Leave it to the most innovative large-scale rock band in the world to utterly befuddle the music industry (not to mention all the “up-to-the-minute” music bloggers and webzines) in a day and age when that is becoming harder and harder to do. This may be the all-time musical sneak attack.

In case you somehow haven’t heard, Radiohead will release their 7th studio album, In Rainbows, on 10/10. Oh yeah, they’re doing it electronically (at least at first) and they’re only asking for a fair donation as reimbursement. All the details can be found at Pitchfork, or just about any music blog on the internet. For a minute I lost myself.

Here’s a few B-Sides from earlier this decade:
MP3 :: Paperbag Writer
MP3 :: Where Bluebirds Fly

MP3 :: Karma Police (live)
(from The Glastonbury Festival. 6.28.97)

And where’s “Arpeggi”? The only new live song I’ve downloaded doesn’t appear to be on the 10 song album, nor the bonus disc that comes with the “discbox” purchase.

MP3 :: Arpeggi (live)
And let's not forget that another of music's heavy hitters is releasing a brand new album today (10/2/07). Bruce Springsteen is dropping Magic, his first studio release with the E Street Band since 2002's The Rising. The good folks over at AOL's Spinner will be streaming the new record all week.


Anonymous said...

look at the cover art, next to weird fishes... there's arpeggi :)

AC said...

Track 4 is Arpeggi. It's just segued with Weird Fishes, of which I have never heard.

Anyways, cannot wait!!

Jon said...

Track 3 dude.

Jon said...


James said...

Oh yeah, there it is. Didn't notice it. Thanks guys