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Beach House "Silver Soul" from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.

This morning Gorilla vs. Bear premiered the official video (which is also downloadable) for “Silver Soul”, the second track from Beach House’s upcoming third album, Teen Dream. By now you’ve no doubt heard the buoyant “Norway” (if not the whole album), which was an internet gift from Sub Pop back when everyone was still debating the best albums of 2009. “Silver Soul” is the second song to be officially released - and the video is one of ten that will come on a bonus DVD with the CD or vinyl purchase.

I was going to put together a proper album review this weekend for posting early next week, but that seems unnecessary now since I’m sharing the video tonight (which was, incidentally, directed by lead singer/organist Victoria Legrand). Instead, I’ll just say that come Monday you’ll no doubt start seeing an endless stream of overwhelmingly positive reviews for Teen Dream from every worthwhile website/blog/magazine/message board/etc. out there. The praise will be well deserved - the record is an absolute stunner.

In short, Teen Dream is an extension of the hazy, dreamy drone-pop of their first two records, but finds the duo (Legrand and multi-instrumentalist Alex Scally) at the height of their creative powers. Their self-titled debut and 2008’s Devotion are both excellent albums, but everything here is a more illuminated - the melodies are sturdier, the arrangements fuller, and the whole thing hangs together perfectly because there isn’t a weak moment among the ten songs. I’d love to say that “Silver Soul” is a highlight, but can’t in good conscience - every song is as elegant, haunting, and memorable.

So then, favorite moments….those first breathy melodies about 15 seconds into “Norway”, the confidence in Legrand’s “it’s a vision, a neat illusion, yeeeaaah” about a minute into “Silver Soul”, the way “10 Mile Stereo” opens up and soars, sounding like Portishead covering something from The Joshua Tree (maybe that‘s the “we carry on” lyric as well), the most understated anthem ever in “Zebra”, the chiming electric guitar that lifts up the chorus on the gorgeous “Walk In The Park”, the cracked vocals of “Real Love”, or the way the “Take Care” coda sounds like it could carry the world on its shoulders. Teen Dream is made up of a seemingly endless series of moments as heartbreakingly beautiful as all of these - adding up to something truly special. Yeah, I’m the biggest Spoon fan I know, but Teen Dream is 2010’s first must hear album.

MP3 :: Norway
Video :: Silver Soul
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