[mp3] Molina & Johnson - "Twenty Cycles To The Ground"

One of my most anticipated new releases of the Fall, before I ever even heard a note, was the collaboration between Magnolia Electric Co.’s Jason Molina and Centro-Matic’s Will Johnson. Regular readers of PHW are well aware of my affection for the music of both men - you may recall Centro-Matic’s Dual Hawks popping up on my Favorite Albums of 2008 list or my review of MEC’s recent Josephine from this past summer (not to mention “Jason Molina Week”). Naturally, when news came a few months back regarding this one-off record I couldn’t have been more excited. Pitchfork had the info today, along with the first free mp3. The album will be called, simply enough, Molina & Johnson, and comes out November 3. “Twenty Cycles To The Ground” is a stark, dusky ballad with some nice organ work to keep things from getting too bleak. It features Johnson on lead vocals with Molina providing the harmony.

MP3 :: Twenty Cycles To The Ground
(from Molina & Johnson. Info here)

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