The Capstan Shafts - Revelation Skirts

Dean Wells has been creating lo-fi pop/rock gems in the vein of Guided By Voices or early Elephant 6 for years as The Capstan Shafts. After releasing over a dozen homemade CD-Rs, Wells made the jump to Rainbow Quartz and released two full lengths – Environ Maiden and 2008’s Fixation Protocols – which held true to his DIY ethic. The upcoming Revelation Skirts finds Wells using a full band, professional studio, and producer (Matt LeMay) for the first time, but fears of him losing his distinct approach are unnecessary. The new album does sound like some serious effort was actually put into the recording process, but Wells’ penchant for quick bursts of spirited pop songwriting are certainly intact. Revelation Skirts finds The Capstan Shafts stepping up their game with exciting results.

MP3 :: Heart Your Eat Out
MP3 :: Quiet Wars
(from Revelation Skirts. Info here)

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