[mp3] Suuns - "Up Past the Nursery"

The first half of Suuns’ impressive forthcoming debut, Zeroes QC, is mostly comprised of instrumentally based post-rock jams, such as the previously posted “Arena”. It’s the record’s back half though where the more accessible songs lie. “Up Past the Nursery” sports a slinky, electro-rock rhythm from the Montreal quartet, as well as lead singer Ben Shemie’s whispered, alien-like vocals. Though their influences are clearly varied over the album’s 10 songs, there are a few moments when Suun’s music reminds me a lot of Clinic’s “Distortions”. This is one of them, as is the gorgeous closer "Organ Blues". Download it below courtesy of Secretly Canadian. Zeroes QC comes out October 12.

MP3 :: Up Past the Nursery
MP3 :: Arena
(from Zeroes QC. Info here)

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