[mp3] Kurt Vile - "Jesus Fever"

After we got the breezy, West Coast indie-folk flavored “In My Time” last year, Matador has released another teaser mp3 from Kurt Vile’s upcoming Smoke Ring For My Halo. After the sharp sonic contrasts that marked Vile’s last full length, 2009’s excellent Childish Prodigy, I thought the next new Vile track to surface would either find him rocking out behind a wall of guitar noise or stripping things down to a back to basics lo-fi folk song – try to show another side to the man’s talent. Instead “Jesus Fever” surprises because of its similar melodic and sonic structure to “In My Time” – it’s practically a dead ringer actually. And that’s fine – Vile proves quite adept at this kind of laid back, chiming sound that would have fit right in on AM radio in the early 70’s. And by the way, that’s the updated album art up there. Neil Young anyone?

MP3 :: Jesus Fever

(from Smoke Ring For My Halo. Info here)


MP3 :: Kurt Vile – “In My Time”


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