You know every single music blog out there will be putting together some sort of year end list come this December. It’s a given. People who write music blogs, if they’re anything like me (and I suspect they’re very much like me) love lists, and besides holidays, gifts, goodwill for mankind, etc. etc. the end of the year is a veritable gold mine for us music geeks because every day brings new and exciting music round-ups to discover. Waiting for a webpage to load is like tearing into wrapping paper, without the noise or clean up.

Well, June brought some interesting mid-year reports summarizing 2007‘s first 6 months. They’ve been some really great months too - musically speaking, vastly superior so far than 2006 was (IMHO). But I’ve decided not to partake in a mid-year list, mainly because I plan on putting together something big come winter time. Here are those of some of my blogging compadres I think you should check out:

Oceans Never Listen - makes me want to check out Do Make Say Think. Who are those guys?

Rawkblog - a guy who likes Spoon as much as I do. Including leaks makes for a tricky dilemma come end of the year (do you include leaks do out in February ‘08?), but nice to see The Shepherd’s Dog getting some early love.

And Coke Machine Glow is having their Halfstravaganza. I checked out their list of their 31 favorite albums so far, and while a big site is obviously working with a much bigger budget/list of candidates then I am, I was surprised to see that I was familiar with about half of them. One that I wasn’t but soon will be: Chris & Mollie’s The Palm Tree. They have a few mp3s from it and I’ll be looking into this one very soon. Nice list though, even if it is missing Plague Park and The Dead Will Walk, Dear.

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