New Music - A.A. Bondy

Look for the new A.A. Bondy album, American Hearts, to be released via Superphonic Records on September 4 - it’s actually available early if you purchase it directly from the label. I mistakenly reported this album to be called Witness Blues back in April, but have since checked in with the horse’s mouth. I saw Bondy open for Bright Eyes in March at the Bowery Ballroom and was blown away - I sincerely think that American Hearts may prove to be one of the finest singer/songwriter albums of the year. Can’t wait for it.

MP3 :: Vice Rag
(from American Hearts. Buy here)

Listen to "There's A Reason" streaming at the Superphonic Records myspace.

And check out this great non-album track, made available earlier this year by Superphonic:
MP3 :: Out With The Tide

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