New Music: Destroyer

Dan Bejar is currently riding a prolific streak that should be a tutorial to all the young artists out there who think the world needs to hear their every whim. First, Destroyer’s Rubies was my favorite album of 2006 (by far), then he showed everyone who “the man” in The New Pornographers is by contributing the best song on Challengers (“Myriad Harbor”/mp3), and finally, he threw us a curveball (by everyone’s standards but his) with (another) side project, Hello Dear Friends, with gal-pal Sydney Vermont.

The first released song from the new Destroyer album (Trouble In Dreams, Merge, 3/18/08) has surfaced and it furthers my notion that Bejar is damn near infallible these days. Not so much a dramatic departure from Rubies as a refinement of it, the song begins gently with Bejar sounding as “mature” as ever. The song proceeds to build slowly, with Bejar’s lyrics gradually becoming more idiosyncratic (re: his patented non-linear eccentricities) as the music swells. The music is lifted by a beautiful string arrangement (interplaying with a creaky guitar solo) and even whistling as it fades out. Compared to the oddball poetry and reckless song structures of Rubies, this sounds about as soft as its title suggests.

MP3 :: Foam Hands
(from the forthcoming Trouble In Dreams)

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