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Next Wednesday night (12/12) at the Mercury Lounge PHW favorite Wakey!Wakey! will drop their debut record, a live album called Silent As A Movie. The event, based on the press Mike Grubbs & crew have been garnering of late, will more than likely be packed, so make sure to look into getting tickets before it’s too late. Need further encouragement? The above video is a recent Wakey!Wakey! performance of a relatively new song (an insane jam called “Fading Like The Fourth”) at Rockwood Music Hall that shows exactly the type of passion and musical genius you can expect. And if somehow you’re still not convinced enough to mark your calendars, another PHW favorite, A.A. Bondy, will be playing in the exact same venue on the exact same night, just a little bit earlier. I’ve spilt enough (proverbial/digital) ink on Bondy this year, with more to come as my year-end lists are finalized, so needless to say I’m pumped for what promises to be an exceptional night of music.

To celebrate the record release, Wakey!Wakey! and Family Records have been issuing a new cover song every Wednesday for the past 6 weeks. This week is a cover of Palace Music/Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s “New Partner” - which finds Grubbs turning the folk-rock classic (and one of my favorite songs of all time) into a tender piano ballad. Of course, as always with Wakey!Wakey!, you get a spine-tingling, damn-near operatic vocal performance as he puts his unique spin on it.

MP3 :: New Partner (Palace Music cover)

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