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A few weeks ago I attended the Friday night Bright Eyes show at the Bowery Ballroom, which I reviewed here. The night started with a very pleasant surprise, show opener A.A. Bondy. Armed with just an acoustic guitar, a small fleet of harmonicas, and about 45 minutes worth of compelling songs, Bondy had a crowd of hungry Bright Eyes fans, eagerly awaiting the man himself, in the palm of his hand. His songs were stripped down, leaving the melodies and lyrics up front, and were delivered in Bondy’s cracked, Southern vocal style. It’s not often that you go to a show and don’t want an opening act’s set to end, but that’s exactly what happened. As soon as he was done I went to the merch table to pick up the homemade EP’s he had for sale, but unfortunately they had already sold out.

The former front man for the band Verbena, Bondy is due to release his solo debut this summer, tentatively titled Witness Blues through Superphonic Records. Based on the advance tracks I’ve heard so far it could be one of the year’s strongest Americana releases. Bondy at once recalls early Dylan on the acoustic “American Hearts”, and then sounds just as comfortable on the hazy, narcotic full band sound of “Out With The Tide”. I’ll pass on more information when I have some, but for now enjoy these songs from the forthcoming record:

MP3 :: Out with the Tide
MP3 :: American Hearts


Visit A.A. Bondy’s myspace here

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