"It All Comes Down To Choosing Sides..."

I recently posted about the new You Am I album, Convicts, which was released via Yep Roc Records in the U.S. this past January. The album contains about a handful of the best straight forward hard rock songs you’re likely to hear in 2007. The band recently finished their U.S. tour and are heading home to their native Australia for additional dates.
Hearing the new material got me excited to go back and revisit their old stuff for the first time in a while, and in doing so I rediscovered some of the old gems that had been collecting dust for far too long. One of my favorite You Am I songs is this little nugget from 1996’s Hourly, Daily. “Please Don’t Ask Me To Smile” displays the band’s sensitive side, with rich acoustics that recall Beggars Banquet era-Stones, and captures the awkward middle school years better than just about any other song I’ve ever heard. Essential listening for anyone who’s ever had an awkward phase.
(from Hourly, Daily)

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