Music News - The New Pornographers / Iron & Wine

Pitchfork is reporting 2 pretty interesting news items today . First, the next studio album from The New Pornographers is shaping up to hit stores in the late summer. Tentatively to be called Challengers, the record will in fact once again feature long time Porn-stars Neko Case and Dan Bejar, in addition to primary member Carl (A.C.) Newman. Last year was a busy one for Case and Bejar, what with Case’s Fox Confessor Brings The Flood and Destroyer’s Rubies (#1 on Pop Headwound’s Top 10 of 2006) both serving to considerably further their respective careers. Read the full interview with Newman by clicking here.

Also noteworthy, the first single from Iron & Wine’s upcoming release, The Shepard’s Dog, will be “Boy With A Coin”. It will come out in July via Sub Pop, and will be backed by two exclusive b-sides. Click here for more. Click here for more brand new Iron & Wine songs, recorded live at Pabst Theatre this past February.

MP3 :: High Art Local News - The New Pornographers
(Twin Cinema ottake, from the compilation Comes With A Smile, Vol. 17)

MP3 :: Boy With A Coin - Iron & Wine
(recorded live, 2/8/07, originally posted by Captains Dead)

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Neal said...

hey I know this is a really old post, but any chance of a repost of High Art, Local News?

James said...

Sure thing. It's back up for the time being.

Neal Carlin said...

haha again, it's an old post, but any chance of a repost? can't find this track anywhere.