9 New Iron & Wine Songs - Recorded Live

Captain’s Dead recently posted an Iron & Wine show from the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee. The show, beautifully recorded by an audience member, was a chance to catch Sam Beam sans band for the first time in a long while. The set focused primarily on new material, as more than half was devoted to songs to be featured on the forthcoming The Shepard’s Dog. You can still find the show in its entirety at Captain’s Dead for download.

Today though, I’m just going to share the new songs with you. Familiar Iron & Wine themes surface throughout these songs (religion, family, Southern imagery, ghosts, nature, animals, etc.), yet they never seem to be retreads of past songs. Hell, it may be the first time the biblical Noah has ever been referred to as a crack-head (“Carousel“). At least on record. I knew that dude had to’ve been on something though, the smell on that boat must have been pretty ripe.

The new songs, Live From Pabst Theatre, Milwaukee, 2/8/07:

A release date has yet to be finalized for The Shepard’s Dog (or is it really Dawg?) by Sub Pop, but it’s looking like it’ll be September. The tracklist was just released last week, and 8 of the above songs will indeed be on it:

The Shepard’s Dog :

Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car
White Tooth Man
Lovesong of the Buzzard
House by the Sea
Innocent Bones
Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog)
Resurrection Fern
Boy With a Coin
The Devil Never Sleeps
Peace Beneath the City
Flightless Bird, American Mouth


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