Dan Deacon - "The Crystal Cat"

You have to hear this song. At first it was a sadistic thing, I was listening just to laugh at it. It was the song the nerd songs felt good about having around because it kept them from catching the beating. It tried to fit in, but didn’t sound at all like the cooler songs. Slowly though the nicer songs, one by one, started taking to it. It made them laugh, and those laughs were the “with” kind, not “at”. It showed off its dance moves, and when it got to the noise solo that sounds like a cat having a stroke, well, it was everyone’s best friend. Now it’s the song that plays in my iPod when it’s off, all the other songs dancing around, arms flailing wildly, singing along as best they can, wishing they could be as cool as it.
MP3 :: The Crystal Cat
(from Spiderman of the Rings - due May 8th)

Dan Deacon is a pretty far out. He is described by Wikipedia as a “absurdist electronic music composer/performer” (God, is there anything you can’t find on there?), and yeah, absurd just about covers it. Check out this TV appearance, where he explains a little bit about what it is he does. He has an album, Spiderman of the Rings, due May 8th, and his myspace is filled with lots of interesting videos and other songs.


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