A Thousand Things I Want To Say To You

Billboard is reporting that The Jam (well, all of them except Paul Weller) is planning to reunite and perform again. It seems a little strange for a trio to be doing so without the band’s front man/songwriter, but what do I know?

I know this: “In The City”, from the Jam’s debut album of the same name, is a throbbing call to arms filled with youthful enthusiasm and naiveté. The band pounds out its simple chords with a cocksureness that comes from strutting down the street, bumping everyone else out of the way. Weller sings as though your life depends on him, and he’s scrambling because he’s only got 2:20 left ‘til the bomb goes off.

MP3 - In the City
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If the song had more than just a live-performance video, I'd like to think it would be similar to that Verve video for “Bittersweet Symphony”. The one where Richard Ashcroft has got a Moses-like single-mindedness, parting his way through a busy city street. He bumps into people, yet remains carelessly focused (oblivious?) despite people reacting to him angrily. That’s almost how I picture Paul Weller singing this. But he’d be a foot shorter, so he has to fight that much harder just to make it half the distance. And unlike Ashcroft, he has a purpose: he’s pissed at The Man. The street’s more crowded, and he’s running, and pushing and jumping and yelling. He’s actively trying to instigate the crowd instead of ignoring it. He’s invented a new form of recruitment by grabbing people by the shoulders, violently spinning them around, then shoving them out of the way when he’s done with them. He’s becoming Rocky, as everyone under 25 gradually starts in with him, faces shining bright, racing down the street, finally with someone to believe in.

Here’s the Verve video in case you have no idea what I’m talking about:

And here is The Jam, playing live in their heyday:



Anonymous said...

Well well well. Another stupid blogger and more chinese whispers than you can shake a fist at. Firstly, Foxton and Buckler are not reuniting the Jam. Instead they are going on the road as "From The Jam: Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler" - as only two thirds of the original line-up have gotten back together minus Paul Weller. The good news is that the band's 20-date UK tour is almost completely sold out, which leads me to believe that their is more power in the Jam's music than Paul Weller gives credit for. The bad news? Let's just hope Weller doesn't reform the dreaded Style Council. Ever heard of the Merton Parkas? 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Even those hacks at the NME reported the news story incorrectly. Bruce and Rick have never set out to reform the original line up because Weller never has never wanted to reform the band. It's Weller's loss not joining in on the fun. I've been waiting for over 20 years to hear these songs performed by some of the original members. If two out of three of them are willing to give it a go, it must mean something. These were never throwaway songs, so why hide them away in the attic. If anything, this is a call for celebration. I've got my tickets for the Edinburgh gig. Let's just see if Rick and Bruce can cut it. My money is on the fact that they will simply blow everyone away. So who's the modfather now?

Anonymous said...

What terrible haircuts! All Mod Cons was their finest hour. Crash scooter helmets for everyone (always the mod).

Anonymous said...

The Jam were not a MOD band - Mods adopted them.....

Great news Rick & Bruce back together again - I spent a good few quid in 2006 going to see Rick's band The Gift and managed to see Bruce join them in Brighton - Forget Weller - leave him to his Wild Blue Yonder... Foxton & Buckler are onto a good thing with Russell Hastings as the front man!!

Bring on The May Tour!!!

BTW - Does anyone ever take The NME seriously - bunch of tossers who don't even get off their arses and go and see the bands they slag off!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky enough to score the last pair of tickets to see From The Jam in Wolverhampton in May. Tickets are going on eBay for over £150 - crazy. Can't wait for the gig.