Music News - Iron & Wine

There is some exciting breaking news in the Iron & Wine world today. After being quiet for a long while about a new album, Muzzle of Bees and Pitchfork are both reporting today the band has recorded a new album, entitled The Shepard's Dog. Those links both have lists of new song titles that may appear on the album, which is set for release on Sub Pop sometime later this year, tentatively September 25th. Enjoy the wait.

Las summer's show at McCarren Pool in Williamsburg was something really special, as Sam Beam and company wowed the mostly indie-kid crowd with hushed melodies and a few moments of near-rocking out. At one point Beam quipped "that's enough about that" when a loud fan up front asked for some new album info. During the encore he played a new song, followed by "The Trapeze Swinger", that back to back were two of the most beautifully played songs I've ever heard live.

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