Number 1, I Love You

Recently I ran a feature on a band called Tunnel Motor, and the label they run, 80h. While surfing around on that site I discovered another band that really caught my ear. They're called Number 1, I Love You, and just like Tunnel Motor, you can download their songs for free by following this link. The artwork above (that may recall The Decemberist's The Crane Wife) is from their 6-song EP Mon Petit Choux.

The song that jumped out to me was “Kissalil’ Bit”. Possessing the same trance-like repetition and lulling girly-harmonies as Broken Social Scene’s “Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl”, the song sways gently from start to finish. If you listen closely enough you may hear some kids braving the opposite sex for the first time, then telling each other secrets they don’t want the grown-ups to hear.

Band leader James Diotte had this to say about the band: “Number 1, I Love You was a project I started about 2 years ago (maybe more). It's just a bunch of friends that got together to work on some songs and for a reason to hang out. The album was pretty much entirely written by me but each member wrote their own parts. It's the team effort that really shapes the song. Recently we've had a line up shift (a few of us have our own solo projects - including myself) and have had less time for the "Number 1, I love you" collective. But other members have picked up the slack and are actually close to finishing up a new album (which is sounding great!).”

Besides his work in Number 1, I Love You, Diotte has a solo album available released under the moniker Between the Pine. Look for a post maybe next week regarding this this, as I haven‘t had a chance yet to give it a good listen. Check out some tunes at his myspace for now.


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