Great Lake Swimmers Announce New Album

Great Lakes Swimmers have announced their next release. Ongiara will see the light of day in the U.S. on May 8 through WeeWerk Records. The band is the primary operation of singer/songwriter Tony Dekker. However, Ongiara saw the help of many talented musicians. It features other Great Lake Swimmers Erik Arnesen (banjo, electric guitar) and Colin Huebert (drums, percussion, glockenspiel, timpani), as well as special guest appearances by singer-songwriter Serena Ryder (backing vocals, autoharp), Bob Egan of Blue Rodeo (pedal steel and dobro), Sarah Harmer (backing vocals) and Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy and Arcade Fire (string arrangements). Mike Overton (upright bass), Darcy Yates (electric bass), Mike Olsen (cello), and Mike Bonnell (organ) also appear.

According to the Weewerk press release, "Ongiara continues to explore the worlds of indie folk, roots music and alt-country pop, with a focus on lyrics and the craft of songwriting. The new record is permeated with a rich natural reverb, courtesy of London, Ontario's Aeolian Hall, which creates the magical background on which the songs are painted.”

An easy reference point for Great Lake Swimmers would be the work of Sam Beam in Iron & Wine because of the tendency towards melodic folk. Their last album, Bodies and Minds, was recorded in a lakeside church, and this one in London, Ontario's Aeolian Hall. These open settings give the recordings the sense of containing wide open space, and the natural reverb gained is similar to the effect My Morning Jacket used to get recording in a grain silo.

Here’s the first released track from Ongiara:

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