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Every once in a while I update the “New Stuff” play list on my iPod. Right now it’s full of songs from Handsome Furs, Shapes and Sizes, A.A. Bondy, The National, and Ladyhawk, among others, all of which I have recently posted about. Basically it’s the stuff that’s still a few weeks away from actual release but making its way around the internet like wildfire.

Fitting right in with this group are a few tracks from the new Blonde Redhead album, 23. The title track and “Silently” are admittedly my first exposure to the band, despite their elder-statesmen status on the New York and indie-rock circuit. 23 is their 7th studio album, coming out recently via 4AD records. The sound of these songs, at least to me, are at once reminiscent of Loveless-era My Bloody Valentine, with just a little bit more of a traditional rock beat. The atmospheric guitars and breathy female vocals create the same kind of lushly complex backdrop as their fairly obvious inspiration, while the melody of the vocals blends in with the overall sound - one piece of the whole rather than something obtrusively rising above it.

MP3 :: 23
MP3 :: Silently
(from 23)

Check out the 2 other songs streaming here, at their website.

Blonde Redhead will be playing Webster Hall on May 8.
Purchase 23 at Amazon by clicking HERE

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