Talkin' New York, Vol. 3: Creaky Boards

One of the great pleasures of starting Pop Headwound is discovering bands such as Brooklyn’s Creaky Boards while exploring the New York music scene for emerging talent. Led by songwriter/pianist Andrew Hoepfner, they’ve made a cozy little home for themselves in the eclectic music scene of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Creaky Boards deftly mixes genres and influences that hardly ever get mentioned at all, let alone in describing the same band. Their music is an expert combination of 50's and early 60’s pop (“Runaround Sue”, “Last Kiss”, “Pretty Little Angel Eyes”), Tom Waits’ more baroque 80’s experiments, and the sounds of New Orleans. Saturated with lavish horns, carnival piano, and soaring melodies, Hoepfner’s songs take these influences and meld them into something extraordinarliy fun and distinctly unique. It’s music that suggests tireless world travel, referencing locales across the U.S. and beyond, but gets home to Brooklyn just in time to crash the party, inventing smiles and sing-alongs all the while.
According to their bio: In the summer of 2005, CREAKY BOARDS released their first full-length studio album, "Where's the Sunshine?" an explosion of vaudevillian garage pop for the eternally brokenhearted. Ample bursts of trumpet and accordion give the disc a charmingly unusual instrumentation. Super-long song titles like "I Came to This Town to Get High" and "I'll Kiss You at Every Red Light" reveal the band's ever-present quirkiness. With a rock 'n roll playfulness akin to The Kinks, the Americana twang of Hank Williams, and a Spector-like boom, "Sunshine" vaulted CREAKY BOARDS' status into a little legend at its home base, the Sidewalk CafĂ©. At home, Hoepfner is churning out a host of magical new recordings from his apartment bedroom, affirming his continual grasp on grainy, timeless pop. The consistent thread through all of it is Creaky Boards’ triumphant sense of wonder and their audience's steadfast loyalty.
MP3 :: Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
(from Where’s the Sunshine?)

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