New Music - The Capstan Shafts

Apparently I have some catching up to do. The Capstan Shafts is the code name for hyper-prolific songwriter Dean Wells, a Vermont native who has been making home records since the late 90’s. According to All Music, there have been 18 releases in just the past 8 years, including the 22 song (and 30 minute!) Fixation Protocols from just this past summer. Since then Wells has released a “free” (although a $2 or $3 donation is requested and well deserved) single called Cretin Flowers - which is 6 songs/10 minutes long and available at Archive right now.

The thing about this remarkable little one man band that you’ll notice right away is the striking similarity to the early work of Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices. The 6 songs on Cretin Flowers, as well as the handful of older tunes I’ve heard, are all tiny, lo-fi rock ’n roll nuggets that sound like they were written with arenas in mind. Just like the early days of GBV albums like Vampire On Titus and Bee Thousand. Any fan of bedroom born, Pollardesque ADD-rock should check this out without wasting another second.

MP3 :: “space nut to ape length”
(from Cretin Flowers single/EP. Buy here)

Though the long tracklists/short running time may not seem like wise eMusic purchases, the last 3 Capstan Shafts albums are all available at the mp3 superstore right now and are well worth checking out.

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