[dvd] Wilco - Ashes Of American Flags

If I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, the documentary that followed the turbulent creation and release of 2002’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, showed Jeff Tweedy and Wilco at the height of their songwriting and recording abilities, then Ashes Of American Flags captures the band absolutely peaking as live performers. Beautifully directed and produced by Brendan Canty and Christoph Green, Ashes of American Flags follows Wilco through a portion of their Winter 2008 tour in support of Sky Blue Sky. Capturing live footage from venues in Tulsa, New Orleans, Mobile, Nashville, and Washington D.C. the film works on two levels - as a straight concert film and also as a reflection on the deterioration many mid-sized American cities have been facing over the past few decades. It works on both levels, but fans of the band will view this DVD as a definitive live statement from a band that is almost incomprehensibly tight, seasoned, and in touch with what their audience wants from a live show. I'd recommend Ashes of American Flags to anyone who loves music.

And in other Wilco news, Rolling Stone has announced the forthcoming studio album will be dubbed, um, Wilco (the Album) and see release in late June. “Wilco (The Song)”, which you may remember from its debut performance on The Colbert Report last year, will be the leadoff track. The rest of the track list is as follows:

01 Wilco the Song
02 Deeper Down
03 One Wing
04 Bull Black Nova
05 You and I
06 You Never Know
07 Country Disappeared
08 Solitaire
09 I'll Fight
10 Sunny Feeling
11 Everlasting

Video :: Trailer - Ashes of American Flags
Video :: “Wilco (The Song)” - live on Colbert

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