[bootleg] Wilco - Chicago, Illinois 9/19/03

I’ve been on a big time Wilco kick as of late - I guess that’s what the anticipation of a brand spanking new album (with kick ass artwork) from one of your favorite bands will do to you. Odds on when the album leaks, anyone? Anyway, over the weekend I dug out this bootleg I hadn’t heard in years and thought it would be of interest to share. On September 19, 2003 Wilco were at the very tail end of the long, arduous tour in support of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot that had lasted the better part of the previous 2 years. On this night, I believe the second to last of that tour, Wilco returned home to Chicago and played like a band that was ready for a bit of a breather. And I mean that in the best possible way - the band pulled out a diverse setlist, gathering plenty of older gems and lesser played songs from their entire catalog and delivered them with spirit to share. Wilco have always treated their home Chicago crowds to special shows, and this was certainly one of them. Also of note is one of the first, if not the first, appearance of Nels Cline on guitar during “Handshake Drugs”. He must have passed the audition! Cline joined the band the following spring, along with Pat Sansone, as a full time member after the recording and release of A Ghost Is Born. Thanks to the Via Chicago message board where I found this gem a few years back.

Wilco - Live @ The Chicago Auditorium, 9/19/03:
Disc 1

Disc 2

MP3 :: Audience
MP3 :: Jesus Etc.
MP3 :: Handshake Drugs
MP3 :: Cars Can’t Escape
MP3 :: Hoodoo Voodoo
MP3 :: Encore Break
MP3 :: Christ For President
MP3 :: Casino Queen
MP3 :: Passenger Side
MP3 :: I Must Be High
MP3 :: Outtasite (Outtamind)

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