Introducing: Zach Vinson

I don‘t know how old Zach Vinson is, but time is definitely on his side. The kid looks like he’s barely old enough to drink and drive, but the mature, polished song craft that’s all over his brand new self-released album Cracked Open makes me think he’s an artist with a long future in front of him. “Christee Christee” is about as sugar-sweet as songs get. It’s a bright, spirited rush of indie-pop perfection that makes me think of a turbo-charged Belle & Sebastian. The video for “So Much To Blame”, another album highlight, is below. Take a listen and get in on the ground floor:

MP3 :: Christee Christee
(from Cracked Open. Buy here)

“So Much To Blame”

So Much to Blame (Zach Vinson) from Zach Vinson on Vimeo.


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