[mp3] Simon Joyner - "Roll On"

I love the fact that, despite all the musical exploring I do, there are still very worthwhile under-the-radar artists out there waiting to be discovered.

Omaha singer-songwriter Simon Joyner has signed with Team Love and is preparing for the release of his 12th studio album, Out Into The Snow, on September 15. The album’s closing song, “Roll On”, is now available as a free download. Tonight I’m only halfway through my second listen to the album, but I’m already thinking I’m going to really enjoy sifting through Joyner‘s back catalog. Out Into The Snow is intricate, forward-thinking folk-music with the kind of deeply evocative lyricism that demands the obvious comparisons to the greats of the past.

The press release hits the nail on the head - “sounding sometimes like Doug Yule era Velvet Underground, On the Beach period Neil Young, Happy Sad era Tim Buckley, and Our Mother the Mountain period Townes Van Zandt, the album is littered with characters in transition, moving toward or away from complicated pasts and futures." Keep an eye out for this one:

MP3 :: Roll On
(from Out Into The Snow. Info here)

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