Toro Y Moi announce new album - Underneath the Pine

There’s a new album coming from South Carolina’s Toro Y Moi. Underenath the Pine drops February 21 through Carpark, and follows this year’s lo-fi/chillwave/bedroom-pop debut Causers of This and the terrific garage/pop 7” single “Leave Everywhere”. Like most of the music that’s surfaced as part of the “chillwave” movement of the past 2 years, I found Causers of This to be somewhat uneven, but the “Leave Everywhere” single is promising enough to make me curious as to what new record sounds like. A recent Pitchfork interview might provide some clues. Check the tracklist:

1. Intro/Chi Chi

2. New Beat

3. Go with You

4. Divina

5. Before I'm Done

6. Got Blinded

7. How I Know

8. Light Black

9. Still Sound

10. Good Hold

11. Elise

Head over to Daytrotter to listen to/download a recent session.

MP3 :: Leave Everywhere (via)


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