PHW Album of the Month - 8/08

Though they may seem somewhat out of sorts (purposefully?) speaking and performing on Fox News, there’s nothing uncomfortable about the new Walkmen record You & Me. Sporting a decidedly lived in and sultry sound, You & Me officially hit stores this week, which means you can no longer pick up the album digitally for 5 charity dollars. The blog buzz You & Me has generated this summer has been astounding, and deservedly so. Anyone who has been lucky enough to hear an advance (re: leaked) copy knows just how special an album it really is. Now it’s time to buy it. This week the official review sites started chiming in as well, and the initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Still need convincing? Read some reviews here, here, and here. It’s one of the year’s best. And it’s the PHW Album of the Month for August, which I think I've known it would be since I first heard it in June. Highly recommended!

MP3 :: In The New Year
(from You & Me. Buy here)

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Wayne said...

I love this album too.