Wilco Demos - Being There / Mermaid Avenue

9 days left until Wilco plays McCarren Pool and my anticipation keeps growing. As promised, here’s another small batch of Wilco rarities, these coming from the Being There / Mermaid Avenue years. “No Poetry”, I believe, is an outtake from Being There and has never appeared on any official release. “Ain’t Gonna Greed My Lord (No More)” is not the technical name for this Woody Guthrie penned track, but it seems a logical fit - and the song remains one of my favorite outtakes from the era. And this version of “At My Window Sad & Lonely” is just a beautiful, stripped down folk version of the song that appeared on Volume 1.

MP3 :: No Poetry
MP3 :: Ain’t Gonna Greed My Lord (No More)
MP3 :: At My Window Sad And Lonely (acoustic)

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Tyler Knott said...

Is there ANY way, anyway whatsoever you could email me, or reupload the "At My Window Sad & Lonely (acoustic)" again? I'd be ever so grateful.

Love the site.

tylergregson (at) gmail (dot) com