[guest post] 2009 In Review, Vol. 9 - Capgun Coup

Omaha, Nebraska’s Capgun Coup released their second album earlier this Fall through Team Love Records. It’s called Maudlin and it’s full of reckless garage rock and fuzzed-out folk - a real barn burner that would appeal to anyone who likes the idea of The Replacements (circa Hootenanny) getting drunk in a basement (hard to imagine, I know) and giving Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home a run through.

I caught up with Sam Martin from the band, who sent along the following Top 10 list:

Top 10 shit that happened in 2009

1. The Vaselines reunited and toured the United States. I saw them play in Chicago and it was the best show of the year hands down, maybe of my life. Usually people who reunite their bands from their youth lose "it" - they most def still had "it".

2. Os Mutantes reunited as well and toured the US for the first time in decades. I have never been in a room with everyone smiling the entire show before, that was perfect.

3.Obama was elected and everyone thought Washington would be on our side.........that lasted a day but it was a good day.

4. The Velvet Underground still have records in print, that's great.

5. UUVVWWZ released their debut record, one of the finest bands in the country, they make me wanna be a girl lead singer and a bass player and a drummer and a crazy good guitar player all at the same time.

6. A Wallmart closed in Omaha.......VICTORY!!!!

7. I broke three phones this year out of my hatred for technology, that felt great..........I'm typing this from my phone.

8. We toured the South where, in many places, bars never close. It is truly a beautiful country we live in.

9. Tom Waits lives to see another year, and he still puts out rad fucking records.

10. 2010 is gonna look so cool on calendars, I've been waiting to write "2010" on something all year.
MP3 :: Bad Bands
(from Maudlin. Buy here)

And be sure to check out this one from their debut:
(from Brought To You By Nebraskafish. Buy here)

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