[mp3/video] Banjo Or Freakout - "Left It Alone"

I’m really diggin’ this new song/video from Banjo Or Freakout that premiered yesterday over at Stereogum. I’ve heard their name around the blogs this year, but until now haven’t checked out the music of this one-man bedroom-band spearheaded by Alessio Natalizia. If you’re expecting either some finely plucked banjo or finely fucked freakin’ out you won’t find it here, at least not on this track. “Left It Alone” is a tranquil, gorgeous dream-pop ballad that I‘ve had on repeat now for about a half hour. The video, a simple collection of seemingly mundane images, captures the mood of the track perfectly. Maybe I’m thinking too much about it, but most of the visuals have to do with the movement of water, in all its various guises. What that means…who knows? I like looking at it though. “Left It Alone” is the A-Side to a recently released 7” vinyl/digital single from Half Machine Records. Order yours here. B-Side, “Breathe Out” available as a free download here.

MP3 :: Left It Alone
(from the Left It Alone 7”. Buy here)

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