Introducing :: Why Write?

I hereby declare “Burning Holes” today’s official jam. Consider it a statement of my youth.

Why Write? is the project of Danish singer-songwriter Jacob Faurholt, who has just released a 5-song EP (also called Why Write?) on Canada’s What A Mess! Records. Last summer he assembled a bunch of his friends in Denmark and recorded the tracks, which were mixed & mastered by the American producer Kramer (Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, Low, Half Japanese). Vocally, Faurholt has a huge presence; I’m picking up a resemblance to Interpol’s Paul Banks, minus the blatant Ian Curtis mannerisms. What a song! - harsh squeals precede a brash electric guitar riff which is quickly sweetened by airy backing harmonies. The song whizzes by in just over two exhilarating minutes, with Faurholt droping a series of memorable lines - most notably the repeated phrase that races the song to its ending - “burning holes in the art you make with your hands”. Yeah, that’s pretty much what he’s doing here. Almost as good is “Jesus On A Stamp”, which you can stream here.

MP3 :: Burning Holes
(from Why Write? Buy here)

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