[mp3] Marah - "Valley Farm Song"

Another day, another new song cherry-picked from Stereogum. Earlier today they premiered a new song from Marah, whose upcoming album Life Is A Problem will be self-released through the band’s brand new label, Valley Farm Songs, on June 22. It will be the first Marah album to not feature co-founder, sibling rival, and new father Serge Bielanko, brother of lead singer Dave. No official word yet as to who will be playing guitar with the band on their upcoming world tour, but my sources tell me it will be a long time PHW favorite. More to come on that one soon, hopefully.

The first single, “Valley Farm Songs”, finds the newly re-organized band at its most bizarre. There is a really intriguing mess of sounds going on here - bagpipes, banjos, pianos, is that beat boxing? - all kind of doing there own thing. Somehow though the song coalesces into something really good, and glides to an ending that sort of recalls “Limb” from Let’s Cut The Crap And Hook Up Later On Tonight, their classic debut. This is an exciting sneak peak. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album - you might recall that this band, and Kids In Philly in particular, is very highly regarded around these parts.

MP3 :: Valley Farm Song (via Stereogum)
(from Life Is A Problem. Info here)

Of course, this is a band that you should see live. They always put on a killer show. Dates here.

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