[video] The National - "Bloodbuzz Ohio"

The National - "Bloodbuzz Ohio" (official video) from The National on Vimeo.

So, after all the waiting and hype (guilty as charged), High Violet is, in a word, overrated. “Bloodbuzz Ohio”, with it’s familiar sonics and unforgettable chorus, is one of two songs I would say have really struck me as rivals to their best work (the other, “Terrible Love”, got an unofficial video last week). Then there’s a few very likable songs that may yet grow into favorites (“Sorrow” and “Runaway”, in particular). But I find I’m skipping over a bunch of the others every time they come up (“Conversation 16”, “Vanderlyle”, “Lemonworld” - bleh), with another batch that I can listen to but am just very ambivalent towards ("Afraid of Everyone", "Anyone's Ghost"). And honestly, I’m surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response High Violet is getting now that we’ve all had some time to digest it. How dare other people love an album when I don’t! I mean, I know certain realms of the internet had amends to make with The National based on their unfair lukewarm reactions to Alligator (clearly their best album) in 2005, but over-praising a good-not-great album such as this isn’t the way to do that. Anyway, I’m enjoying parts of High Violet - especially this song.

MP3 :: Bloodbuzz Ohio
(from High Violet. Info here)

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David Glickman said...

I suspect you will go back on these words in the coming months.