[video] Soft Black - "The Earth Is Black"

Soft Black - The Earth Is Black from Drew Norton on Vimeo.

PHW favorites Soft Black are gearing up for the release of a new EP called We Scatter Light. But before we get any official announcement on that one, here’s the first in a series of videos by director Drew Norton that have been filmed for all of the songs from last year’s Top 10-worthy full-length The Earth Is Black. This one finds the band playing the bristling title track in the woods, complete with a bass player-gone-crazy and one shlock horror scene, with some very fake looking fake blood, that might be NSFW.

MP3 :: I Am An Animal
MP3 :: The Lions
(from The Earth Is Black. Info here)

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frank said...

Whoa gnarly!!!
Never knew Molnar could do somethin' like this!
Love this song!