Beach Fossils - Beach Fossils

At a time when you can’t right click without hearing something from a Brooklyn band that’s “lo-fi”, “nostalgic”, and/or “woozy”, Beach Fossils self-titled debut somehow manages to stand out despite its commonality with so much of the music that is going around these days. The early singles ("Time", a 7" not on the album, and "Youth") were promising and showcased a band well-versed in crafting bright, summery melodies that still maintained an early R.E.M.-like murkiness. Now that the full album is out it's safe to say that this record doesn’t disappoint at all. It’s a garage/pop gem full of memorably chiming guitar leads that's gotten better with each successive listen I've given it over the past three weeks. Available now from Captured Tracks.

MP3 :: Youth
(from Beach Fossils. Buy here)

MP3 :: Time

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Wayne said...

Agree James, this record is very good!