PHW - June 2010

There were a lot of cool new songs over to hit the internet over the past 30 days, and unfortunately I didn’t get to sharing many of them on a daily basis. Been one of those months. Good thing there are plenty of more reliable new music sources out there than PHW. Consider this me playing catch-up.

MP3 :: Wherever You Go - David Dondero
MP3 :: Younger Us - Japandroids
MP3 :: Summer Holiday - Wild Nothing
MP3 :: South Carolina - Tennis
MP3 :: Didn’t You - Cloud Nothings (follow link)
MP3 :: Summer - Magic Kids
MP3 :: King Night - Salem
MP3 :: Outer Limits - Sleep 8 Over
MP3 :: I Was Thinking… - Gauntlet Hair
MP3 :: Coquet Coquette - of Montreal (follow link)
MP3 :: All Around And Away We Go - Twin Sister
MP3 :: Glorylight & Christie - Cotton Jones
MP3 :: Crank Resolutions - Meursault
MP3 :: In New Jersey - Julian Lynch

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