Introducing: Evenings

Keep an eye on the music of 20-year-old UVA student Nathan Broaddas - his first release as Evenings is utterly addicting. The North Dorm EP (named for where it was recorded, obvs) is made up of scratchy, ambient, soft-beat electronic instrumentals that sneak into your head and latch on tight. It’s the perfect soundtrack for late night walks or early morning drives and is available as a free download at the Evenings’ Bandcamp page (see below). Also in the works is an upcoming 7” for Double Denim Records – home also to Seapony (scroll down or click here for that one). No official info as of yet on that one, but hopefully I’ll be able to share something from it in the near future. Until then enjoy this:

MP3 :: Still Young

(from North Dorm. Download here)

Here’s the video for another track, “Babe”

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