[mp3] Secret Knives - "Black Hole"

Ash Smith, the one man band behind Wellington, New Zealand’s Secret Knives, passed along his new electro-pop album, Affection earlier this week. I’m yet to really dive into the whole thing, but I’ve spun the lead off track, “Black Hole”, a bunch of times and find myself diggin' it more every time. The song has a long instrumental lead-in that’s practically bi-polar – going back and forth from achingly pretty and windswept to something more, well, whacked-out, like Dan Deacon’s knob-twisting hysterics. Once the vocals kick in the song settles for the former, but it’s those crazy-ass sound effects that keep bringing me back. Check out a free download of “Black Hole” below and stream the rest of the album here. Affection is available as a free download from A Low Hum Records.

MP3 :: Black Hole

(from Affection. Available here)


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