[video] Wolf Parade - "Yulia"

Wolf Parade "Yulia" from NORTH on Vimeo.

Wolf Parade’s Expo 86 never quite clicked with me as I’d hoped, but as usual (IMHO), the best songs belonged to Dan Boeckner. “Yulia” is one of them, and now it has a video that brings Boeckner’s evocative tale of a failed space mission to life. From director Scott Coffey – “During the Cold War at the beginning of the Space Age, the Soviet Union was rumored to have two space programs – one a public program, the other a secret ‘black’ one, in which dangerous and sometimes downright suicidal missions were attempted. Cosmonauts would be shot into orbit without the means or resources to get them home, stranded in an expanding orbit around earth, slowly pulling away, frozen in space for eternity.”

MP3 :: Ghost Pressure

(from Expo 86. Buy here)


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