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Why so far away guys? Which one's Molina? That promo picture of Magnolia Electric Co. reminds me of that scene in A League Of Their Own when the commercial for women's baseball is showing the pretty girls on Geena Davis' team up close, one after the other, until the really ugly one, who they show from way far away. Still makes me laugh even though I've seen it a half dozen times.
Anyway, it’s been a while since the world has heard much from the not very handsome Magnolia Electric Co. Last year there was the 4-disc, limited edition boxed set, Sojourner, which collected alternate takes, outtakes, and unreleased sessions the band has recorded over the past few years. As usual with Jason Molina’s evocative, if repetitive, songwriting - “moon”, “ghost”, and “blues” references littered the songs to an almost comical level.

Word on the street (promo email from the label) says that Molina has gotten his bandmates back together after a quiet year living in Europe to record an as-yet-untitled follow-up to their last full length - 2006’s slightly snoozy Fading Trails. Molina’s creativity peaked on his final album as Songs: Ohia, 2003’s ferocious The Magnolia Electric Co. That album features some of the decade‘s best blues-rock songs - including the infallible “Farewell Transmission”. Let’s hope the long lay off has revitalized Molina’s muse and that the band kicks out the Crazy Horse-styled jams once again.

Here’s a recently released track from the Sojourner sessions:

MP3 :: Texas ‘71
MP3 :: Lonesome Valley
(from Sojourner. Buy here)

MP3 :: Farewell Transmission
(from The Magnolia Electric Co. Buy here)

MP3 :: The Dark Don’t Hide It
MP3 :: Leave The City
(from What Comes After The Blues. Buy here)

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