[video] Eric Wolfson - "The Obama Song"

For the most part PHW is a non-partisan music/mp3 blog. But not really. The grainy black and white D.C. scenes Eric Wolfson employs in his video for “The Obama Song” - a cleverly reworked version of Ritchie Valens’ classic “Donna” - bring to mind the 60’s and the Washington D.C. protests of that time. Election day is in just 2 short weeks people…

Wolfson’s Dylanesque State Street Rambler still gets spins around here with a healthy degree of regularity, so if you haven’t yet given it a try be sure to check out “Graveyard Girls” and/or the video for “Sleeping Is A Sucker’s Game”.

MP3 :: The Obama Song

MP3 :: Graveyard Girls
(from State Street Rambler. Buy here)

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Anonymous said...

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