[video] Centro-Matic :: "Rat Patrol And DJs"

I can’t say this with absolute certainty, but I have a suspicion that “Rat Patrol & DJs” is the first official video Centro-Matic has ever done. I’m quite possibly wrong about that, and am far too lazy at the moment to check into it. So let’s just go with it how about?

It’s a kick-ass little song, from their, like, 27th straight kick-ass record - Dual Hawks - released last spring by Misra Records. Did I mention that Centro-Matic kicks butt? If you don’t know that yet for yourself you should immediately find out by buying Dual Hawks or Fort Recovery or Love You Just The Same or Distance And Clime or…..well, any of them. Seriously, if you like the song in the video you will basically like every song the band has ever recorded - and there’s a lot of them. What they have lacked in diversity over the years is more than made up for by the kick-ass factor. Get to it.

MP3 :: I, The Kite
(from Dual Hawks. Buy here)

MP3 :: Triggers And Trash Heaps
MP3 :: Calling Thermetico
(from Fort Recovery. Buy here)

MP3 :: Flashes And Cables
MP3 :: Argonne Limit Co.
(from Love You Just The Same. Buy here)

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