2008 In Review, Vol. 11 - Last Minute Finds/Songs

Nothing like a late night beer buzz and some new tunes to make an evening at home enjoyable. Not that evenings at home aren’t always enjoyable, but you know. The other day I posted about a bunch of albums that I’d either missed or slept on over the past 12 months. Tonight I’m jamming to a bunch of songs of the same kind that have turned up on various other blogs/sites over the past 2 or 3 weeks. Could be that if I’d heard these a few weeks or months ago they’d have made it unto my own favorite songs list, as it is they’ll have to settle for this little wrap-up post. And all 5 are of the straight ahead rock and roll variety. Enjoy…

Delta Spirit
MP3 :: Trash Can
(from Ode To Sunshine. Buy here)

The Moondoggies
MP3 :: Changing
(from Don’t Be A Stranger. Buy here)

Jay Reatard
MP3 :: Always Wanting More
(from Matador Singles ‘08. Buy here)

The Gaslight Anthem
MP3 :: The ’59 Sound
(from The ’59 Sound. Buy here)
-------------------------------------------- Plants And Animals
MP3 :: Feedback In The Field
(from Parc Avenue. Buy here)

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