New Music - Dan Auerbach

Nonesuch Records is getting ready to release the debut solo album from the vocals/guitars half of The Black Keys. Dan Auerbach wrote most of the songs that will appear on Keep It Hid during the recording of Attack & Release (which is pretty dang good) and the songs reflect "a mixture of things I like to listen to, psychedelia, soul music, country harmonies". Those are Dan's words, as evidenced by the italics and punctuation unbecoming of an ELA teacher such as myself.

Nevertheless, Nonesuch has made 3 of the album's songs available for download over at their site. I’ve been playing the first track, “Trouble Weighs A Ton”, pretty much all night. It’s a simple acoustic blues tune that sounds instantly familiar - its themes of regret and moving on given weight from Auerbach’s gruff, seasoned vocals. The straight-forward, dirty blues of “I Want Some More” and “The Prowl” will sound more familiar to fans of the Keys. Keep It Hid drops 2/10.

MP3 :: Trouble Weighs A Ton
MP3 :: I Want Some More
MP3 :: The Prowl
(from Keep It Hid. More info here)

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