[mp3] The Black Lips - "Starting Over"

Now that we can (just about) close the book on the music of 2008, here’s a taste of something to look forward to from 2009. The Black Lips, the throwback garage punks behind 2007’s very excellent Good Bad Not Evil, will be releasing 200 Million Thousand on 2/24 through Vice Music. “Starting Over"'s chiming opening chords could easily be mistaken for vintage R.E.M. or even The La's, but as soon as the drunken Shane MacGowan-doing-Motown vocals kick in all bets are off. It's pure Black Lips, if a little slower and more melodic.

MP3 :: Starting Over
(from 200 Million Thousand. Info here)

MP3 :: Cold Hands
(from Good Bad Not Evil. Buy here)

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