New Music - Raise High The Roof Beam

Raise High The Roof Beam, a Chicago collective led by singer/songwriter Thomas Fricilone, has recently released an excellent new EP called The Buildup. The EP’s 5 songs explore new sonic territory only hinted at in the pretty/skeletal folk songs I heard earlier this year - the band has blossomed into a full on indie/pop outfit with some strong hints of folk rock surfacing throughout these 27 minutes.

Lead track “Break My Heart In Two” begins somewhat inauspiciously with some simple ukulele strumming and Fricilone’s distinctive vocals, giving the first impression that not much has changed with the band’s sound. Before long though the song unexpectedly explodes into a huge chorus - pounded drums play off childlike background vocals - and the song never looks back. I usually try to avoid the “this band sounds like” kind of hype building, but I can’t help but hear Animal Collective in the background vocals and loose spirit, and The Arcade Fire in the drama and climaxes. Good stuff indeed.

MP3 :: Break My Heart In Two
(from The Build Up. Buy here)

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